Titanic and Titanic 2 Movie Adventures

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Titanic History

This information site is dedicated to all fans of Titanic associated memorabillia and Movies.

The original Titanic lies in a watery grave in about 13000 feet of water.This is about 4 kilometers below the sea level.

In 1985 the ship was discovered by an Oceanogtrapher Dr R Ballard and a French Engineer named Jen Louis Michel.There have been many documentaries filmed since. However tourists can see this Museum dedicated to Belfast the birth place of the Titanic itself.

An incredible exhibition of the Titanic you must see is located at:  LOCATION

1 Olympic Way, 
Queen’s Road, 
Titanic Quarter, 
Belfast, N. Ireland, BT3 9EP
Tel: +44 28 9076 6386
Other interest in anything associated with Titanic is the original Titanic Movie and the Titanic 2 Movie adventures.
Wether you like them both or like one and dislike the other is up to individuals to decide.
However Titanic interest is booming.
We have even had designers and engineers trying to reproduce the Titanic in either portions or even the whole ship itself. Hopefully one day there will be a Titanic replica that we could all go to see or even Travel on the Titanic replica itself. We assume that there would be packages and travel deals so look out for these in the future.
Please enjoy our fan site along with all the pages and old photos.

 Vals Titanic 
Titanic 2 Movie Adventures

The site www.titanic2adventures.com and www.traveltitanic2.com and www.titanic2getaway.com are to be linked to this webssite and are for free viewing information and titanic fan clubs.